TalentScreen Awards - Terms and Conditions


Competition schedule 2019

Short Movie Rookie/Advanced:
Friday, August 30th, 12:00 noon - Sunday September 1st, 11:59 pm 2019

Music Video:
Friday, August 30th, 12:00 noon - Sunday September 1st, 11:59 pm 2019

Acting Day, Zurich and Lausanne:
Acting Day, 31st August 2019

Award Night, Zurich and Lausanne:
Saturday, 14th September 2019


1 Introduction

TalentScreen Awards are organized by the TalentScreen Association, hereinafter referred to as "Organizer" or "TalentScreen". The events are intended to encourage and promote young filmmakers in their work - regardless of previous experience.

2 Conditions of participation

All persons resident in Switzerland are eligible to participate.
To participate in the Short Movie and Music Video Award you have to be at least 15 years old. Participation in the Acting Day is possible from age 13 to 25 years. Participation under the age of 18 is subject to confirmation by a legal guardian, which is required for registration in the form of a PDF for uploading.

2.1 Application

To apply for the competition, you must first register at talentscreen.com/en/registration. Participants must fill out the application form completely and truthfully. Registration and participation in the competition are free of charge.

2.2 Registration

2.2.1 Short Movie and Music Video Award

Each participating team member must register at talentscreen.com/en/registration. As next step, a member (the contact person) initiates a production / forms a team. This requires a production name (team name) and selection of the category in which you want to start.
Team members can then be added via a search function. Each team member must confirm participation in the team.

To upload your contribution you need:

  • the film title or clip title
  • a descriptive text (5-10 sentences)
  • a photograph
  • a LowRes version of the video (to upload)
  • a HighRes version of the video (as link)

The content of the LowRes and HighRes versions must be identical. If they deviate from each other, the team is excluded from the competition.  The contribution may not be made public on any channels until the award night, disregard leads to exclusion from the competition. All communication is conducted via the contact person. At least one team member must attend the Award Night on 15 September at the Volkshaus in Zurich as a prerequisite for winning.

All team members are listed for the submitted project with name and function. Upon request, each participant must prove their identity by providing an ID copy or equivalent (e.g. passport or registration certificate).

2.2.2 Acting Award

The Acting Day will be in Zurich on 8 September 2018, during the competition weekend.
To participate in Acting Day you must sign up at www.talentscreen.com. Participation is not possible without first signing up.
The registration form must be completed in full and truthfully. After registration, you will receive your personalized setcard, which you must bring with you to Acting Day.
If you are under 18 you also need the signature of a parent or guardian on the setcard.

Please appear punctually at the specified time. You have about 15 minutes to convince the jury in a casting box. The scene with the text will be available on the website at 12:00 noon on September 7, 2018.

2.3 Exclusion from competition

The organizer reserves the right to exclude participants from the competition who violate the terms and conditions. Participants who try to interfere with or manipulate the course of the contest will be excluded from participation without further notice.

Also excluded from the competition are film submissions which:

  • incite criminality
  • glorify or downplay violence or war
  • make extremist statements or promote an extremist or terrorist group
  • dishonour or insult any persons or legal entities
  • are grossly offensive or pornographic
  • include advertising or other commercial content
  • pose any risk of injury to participants or third parties
  • were not created by your team
  • were not specifically created for the current TalentScreen event
  • were not created within the given production time
  • miss the topic given by the organizer.

By registering for TalentScreen, you (hereinafter referred to as "Participant") are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions.

3 Competition

3.1 Submission

The team must upload its movie file to the website before the competition ends.

Only one contribution can be submitted per team and category.

3.2 Form and conditions

There are no limits to the creative implementation, but all contributions must comply with the respective competition conditions.

Conditions to be observed:

3.2.1. Short Movie

  • recognizable relation to the competition topic
  • at least 90 and up to 180 seconds duration
  • Submission / upload before the competition ends

Any of the four Swiss national languages can be chosen. If another language is used, subtitles must be inserted in at least one Swiss national language.

3.2.2. Music Video

  • a given song
  • filmic implementation of the song for exactly 90 seconds
  • Submission / upload before the competition ends

3.2.3. Acting

  • Register for the Acting Day
  • Take the signed setcard with you to Acting Day
  • Appear punctually at the specified time

3.3 Linking / embedding on TalentScreen.com

All compliant films will be linked to the TalentScreen YouTube channel and embedded on the TalentScreen.com platform. We furthermore reserve the right to post certain contributions on the social media channels of TalentScreen and our partners.

4 Winning

Participants will not find out whether their contributions have been nominated until they are screened on TalentScreen Award Night. If a winner is not present, the prize goes to the runner-up. Attendance by at least one team member on Award Night is a prerequisite for winning.

4.1. Short Movie Award - Rookie and Advanced

The best entries (rookie and advanced), selected in advance by a jury, will be screened on Award Night.

The winner of the Short Movie Awards is the team whose contribution is applauded the loudest as per decibel measurement on TalentScreen Award Night. In case of identical decibel values, the final decision will be made by renewed audience applause. In addition, the jury will determine a winner.

4.2. Music Video Award

At the Award Night, the best entries will be shown. They are selected in advance by the band, which forms the jury.

The winner of the Music Video Award is the team whose contribution is applauded the loudest as per decibel score. In case of identical decibel values, the winner / winning team is decided by the band.

4.3. Acting Award

In the Acting category, there is no vote by the audience. Only the jury decides the two winners (1 woman, 1 man). They will be announced on Award Night. Here again, attendance at Award Night is a prerequisite for winning.

4.4. Jury

In each category a different jury decides on the best entries. Each jury is determined by the TalentScreen Association, and makes a preselection from all submitted films in the respective category, of those to be shown at Award Night. The jury is composed of independent persons from the film, music and media sectors. The jury is appointed by the organizer. Members of the jury cannot be persons who are involved in any way whatsoever in the production of a film figuring in the competition.

The assessment criteria are, in addition to compliance with the formal and content requirements, creativity and originality of content and implementation.

The decision of the jury is final. Recourse to legal action is excluded.

4.5 Win entitlement

Sole winner as defined by the organizer is the team contact person or representative. The internal distribution of winnings is then incumbent on this participant and his or her team.

5 Rights granted

5.1 Transfer of rights to the organizer

The participant remains the owner of all rights to the film at all times. He or she grants the organizer free of charge rights to present the film as often as desired and spatially unrestricted, make it publicly available, distribute and hold it available for retrieval by third parties. In addition, the participant expressly agrees that his or her film will be made publicly available through the TalentScreen.com platform and the YouTube channel. The organizer can refer or link to the respective videos on the Internet and in various publications.

The organizer can use the submitted films free of charge for self-promotion purposes.

5.2 Third-party rights

By submitting the film, the participant confirms that he owns all the rights to the respective film (including any rights of third parties). If one or more persons are identifiable in the video, or audio contributions by third parties are used, the participant must procure the corresponding rights and, at the request of the organizer, provide legally compliant evidence of the same.

Should claims nevertheless be asserted for infringement of third-party rights, the participant shall indemnify the organizer against all such claims.

5.3 Music rights

When music is used, the approval of SUISA must be obtained in advance, unless such music is SUISA-free. In which case the participant must provide proof of this at the request of the organizer. The participant indemnifies the organizer against all claims by authors and / or SUISA and / or other authorized persons (e.g. publishers) or collecting societies in connection with the use of music.

5.4 Own image rights

The participant agrees by participating that during the course of the Contest - especially on Award Night - photos and videos may be made and published on TalentScreen.com and the SoMe channels operated by the Organizer, as well as other publications. In addition, each participant agrees personally and, if applicable, on behalf of his or her team, that their names can be stated on TalentScreen.com and the SoMe channels operated by the organizer as well as in other publications.

6 Data protection

The organizer attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and takes the protection of competitors' personal data very seriously. Within the framework of the competition, the organizer ensures the highest possible data protection standard and observes all currently relevant statutory provisions in this regard. The participant hereby expressly agrees to the storage and use of personal data provided. Without express prior consent, the organizer will not pass personal data on to third parties. Exempt from this is the forwarding of this data to cooperation partners, if this is necessary for winner determination.

7 Liability

The organizer is only liable for intentional and gross negligence.

The organizer is explicitly not liable for damages resulting from impairment of the availability of the competition Websites (vimeo.com, youtube.com and TalentScreen.com, etc.).
The organizer is not liable for any technical disturbances and events of force majeure that could not be influenced by the organizer, or for attacks by third parties against these Internet sites. However, the organizer will do its utmost to ensure the reliability and functionality of the websites mentioned above, but cannot guarantee that the Internet sites in question will function properly on the respective participant's computer.

8 Miscellaneous

Should any provision of these regulations be ineffective or should a regulatory gap exist, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions. The ineffective or missing provisions are to be replaced by a provision which comes closest to the purpose of the contract and the legal provisions. The organizer has the right to regulate all cases not expressly provided for in the conditions of participation as well as to allow exceptions in special and established cases.
Legal recourse is excluded, however, the organizer will endeavour in the event of disputes to reach a mutually satisfactory solution.

March 2019

Subject to change at any time.