The TalentScreen Awards 2019

The TalentScreen Awards are our competitions and are aimed at film enthusiasts, who have the guts to give everything it takes in 60 hours or those who are brave enought to show their talent at the Acting Day!

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The categories – our Awards

Short Movie - Rookies and Advanced

Short Movie

In 2019 it will taking place in the German and French speaking part of Switzerland.

In the category «Short Movie» you produce a 90 - 180 seconds long film, in a team or as a lone contributor, on a given topic. You have exactly 60 hours to do this. The genre is not predetermined.

An expert jury selects the best entries - the nominees, which will be shown and judged according to audience applause at the Award Night. Each team can first make its statement about the film in 30 seconds. This allows participants to motivate the audience to applaud for them.

The Short Movie category is divided into two levels: Rookies - our beginners, and Advanced - the category for participants who want to compete with those who already have a bit more experience. You can choose the level by yourself and your experience - we do not specify it.

Participation is possible from the age of 15 years.

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Social Hero - presented by 20 Minuten


 In 2019 it will taking place in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

The Social Hero Award focuses on you! Do you always have a story to tell, make people laugh, provoke from time to time, like to explain how the world works - and all that in front of the camera? Just submit the first episode of a funny web series within 60 hours. As a prize, 20 Minuten will produces the entire series with you and show you to Switzerland! A duo is also welcome!
For the starters, we prescribe 3 things that must occur in some form in the clip. For example as spoken word or as an object. Think about the concept for a web series, and produce the first episode of 2-5 minutes. From pranks to everyday stories and funny tutorials to cooking recipes - everything is possible only the Social Hero - you or your duo - is the focus.
From the best entries, the jury then selects its favourites, which will be shown to the public on Award Night. The winner or best duo is determined by volume of applause. The prize will be the entire series of 6 episodes produced together with 20 Minutes on all their channels.
Anyone aged 13 - 25 can participate.

Music Video

In 2019 it will be taking place in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

The "Music Video" category is about using a clever idea to interpret a piece of music on video. You have 60 hours to produce a strong story in a 90 second clip.

We provide the song. You are not restricted in your cinematic interpretation. The main thing is that you convince the artist, Sim's, because he selects the best videos to be presented at the TalentScreen Award Night. Thereafter, it will be the audience which decide by applause, who wins the category.

The winners will be able to produce - in collaboration with the band and professional support from TalentScreen, the official music video.

The artist of the Music Video Award 2019 is Sim's.

Participation is possible from the age of 15 years.

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In 2019 it will taking place in the German and French speaking part of Switzerland.

Acting Day 2019: Saturday, 31st august 2019

Lausanne: Starling Hotel at EPFL Lausanne, Route cantonale 31, 1025 Saint-Sulpice
Zürich: Four Points by Sheraton Sihlcity, Kalandergasse 1, 8045 Zürich

The acting category is about emotions. TalentScreen invites you to the Acting Day where we cast the acting talent of the future. It could be you.

In prepared casting stations / boxes, and under the guidance of our coaches, you first introduce yourself. Then you interpret and play a scene written especially for this competition. The coaches are your jury. Your goal is to convince the coaches with your presence and your acting talent. The winners will be selected by the jury and honoured at our Award Night where they also receive their prizes.

Participation is possible between 13 - 25 years.

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How it works


How it works